Our Global Brand
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Our Story

We are a progressive organization that redefines brands and builds businesses by creating multiple dynamic platforms. We organize world-class exhibitions and conferences of repute not only in Africa but also in other part of the world. We also specialize in publishing business magazines for all sectors of industry in Africa.

Our Capabilities


Challenger Mentality

We work with some of the world’s most innovative marketers: clients who always think like challengers. And so do we.

Whether it’s defying category norms, breaking conventions, talking to an audience in a new way or across new channels; whether it’s changing BEHAVIORS through innovation, doing something that’s never been done before or even challenging the client’s brief – this way of thinking gets us to our most creative, exciting and effective work.



Unfair Share of Attention

Attention is the most competed-for currency in the 21st century, and our focus is to give our clients’ brands an unfair share of attention – both conscious and unconscious attention – that far exceeds their market share, their budget, their penetration and their distribution.

We measure this in terms of the effectiveness of our work, and we are proud to be the most effective agency network for the last four consecutive years.




Our hyperbundled approach involves pulling together teams of our best talent from every discipline and from all over Africa; from brand planning to creative, conferencing, organizing exhibition, publication, specialist services and sponsorship

The approach ensures we deliver ideas that maximize the opportunity for the brand as a whole and never just one channel.

Our Process

We hold the longest standing sponsorship relationship with Vodacom and are responsible for managing and staging the Gary Player Invitational Series– The most successful charity golf event in South Africa and globally.


Independent research by BMI ranks us 1st in five key categories: brand strategy, experiential marketing, depth of staff, reporting fee structure.


Our ground-breaking apps and socially-led campaigns are leaders in their fields.


Our results speak for themselves. We set measurable objectives for our campaigns and track the outcomes, down to the last detail.

Our Workflow
Business Ethics

We seek to build a green image and our production process are all socially responsible


We give respect to our client's wishes and seek to comply with them in order to bring about the highest level of satisfaction.


We commit ourselves to working with utmost sincerity and integrity. We dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to our exhibitions and our clients.


We are flexible and we set our deadlines, to which it is our goal to meet.

Executive Teams
Murad M. Abdu
Sara Jilani
Chief Financial Officer
Mbute Lutomia
Chief Technology Officer
Matshidiso Khupe
Chief Human Resource Officer
Dana A. Mohamed
Chief Global Trade Fair Officer
Gisele Andrade
Chief African Trade Fair Officer
Jack Kayonga
Chief Marketing Officer
Robert Michael
Chief Development Officer
Dale Hermann
Europe Regional Director
Asia Pacific Regional Director
Josiah Adedokun
North America Regional Director
Eric Alonzo
Middle East Regional Director
David Osaze
Commercial Director