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The Africa Baskets portfolio of export based food and agribusiness international event The growing organic food and fibre market, which plays an important role in reducing poverty in rural areas, offers export opportunities for developing countries. Organic farm production produces important environmental benefits and helps farmers mitigate and adapt to climate change. However, developing countries face obstacles to exporting their products, including buyers’ quality demands, the need to build relationships with buyers, a lack of information about standards and certification requirements.

Cut flowers and ornamental young plants are very important export products for several developing countries in East Africa, South and Central America, and the Middle East. Consumption is on the rise, mainly in emerging markets like China, India, the Russian Federation, East Asia and Eastern Europe. Demand in the traditional markets of Japan, North America and Western Europe is also growing, although more slowly. ITC’s floriculture blog provides a wealth of information about current trends in the sector.

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July 17, 2017